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Jerry Mack’s passion for finding art in nature dates back to his youth when he spent vacations along the shores of the Great Lakes exploring rocks, sand and ice. His youthful curiosity and boundless energy found him walking along trails and paddling down rivers and lakes with his family. And while he may have stacked and toppled rocks as a child, his flair for artistic expression lay dormant for decades while he pursued other studies.


As an engineering student at University of Michigan, Jerry acquired knowledge of science and math which later evolved into a talent he uses to balance uniquely-shaped rocks on top of one another in a stable format. His desire to use that knowledge as a basis for art and illumination surfaced shortly after his college experience.


After several decades spent pursuing his musical interests, Jerry’s interest in art, philosophy and how it relates to nature resurfaced in the late 1990’s upon his return to northern Michigan for sojourns into self-discovery.

Jerry’s keen sense of observation allows him to see the order and disorder in nature and its connection with human existence. As Jerry matured through spiritual growth and discovery, his approach to art displays an increasing appreciation of nature and how it inspires art. Growing up in flatlands of Saginaw Valley, Jerry is continuously fascinated by different geographical areas, which pique his interest and inspire him.

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