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Rockin' Spires

Sometimes I like to think of these creations as "Rockin' Spires."


I'm inspired to balance rocks and craft spires that stand up without benefit of anything holding them together except gravity. 


Sometimes these inanimate rocks, when carefully balanced, take on aspects of pareidolia,  bearing a resemblance humans and human behavior.

Intriguing Ice

The coldest, snowiest winter on record occurred in many areas of the United States during first months of 2014. The unusual effects of the series of polar vortexes which hovered over the Midwest caused large and small bodies of water to freeze abruptly. During a few short periods of thawing and re-freezing, nature experienced some wonderful visual arrays of this process etched in ice. 


 The process of water freezing depicted in this book, while difficult to describe in a non-scientific terms, nonetheless reveals naturally occurring works of art that are delicate and fleeting. These images cannot be captured outside of memory, except through the lens of a camera. 


These images offer a wide range of interpretation. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed seeking them out and photographing them in their difficult-to-access environment.


In my sojourns along the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the shores of the Great Lakes, the character of artistic scenery displayed by nature always strikes me with a sense of wonder. The beach/surf interaction, continually in motion with the breath-like rhythm of the water, reveals images that are literally breathtaking and impossible to describe in words.   


Beaches are havens for a myriad of activity. Its mineral and biological components, the sand, rocks, and organic matter, living or washed ashore, form an immense palette upon which the surf etches scenes that are ornamental in their subtlety and dramatic in their intensity.  Most of this unframed scenery goes unnoticed by humans in their leisure-seeking modes. Yet these images are right at our feet, created with the continuous ebb and flow of the surf. 


I hope you are left with a sense of enjoyment and enlightenment interpreting these photographs for yourself.

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